Tips for De-Hoarding

The label “Hoarder” isn’t usually something that most of us want to admit about ourselves, but I bet I’m not the only maker who has an issue with “stuff” accumulating in the workshop. I have been looking around the workshop (and in the mirror) and realize that some signs of Hoarding have crept up on me. I’ve been thinking about ways to counter the tendency, and I hope that my experiences can help other creators to tame this troublesome tendency. To help determine if Hoarding is an issue for you, consider these signs: Do you have tools in your shop that you haven’t used in years? Do you have materials in your shop that have more than a year of dust? Do you have consumables (finishes, paints, etc.) that have gone bad, but are still taking up space? Do you have paths between the “stuff” that you have to navigate, like a maze? Have you ever gotten injured because you […]

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