Recently, I created a MPCNC router, using the design from It is a low-budget CNC router that uses a combination of 3D printed parts, inexpensive tubing (in my case, EMT conduit), and some inexpensive hardware, bearings, stepper motors, and control board.

I’ve been quite pleased with the results, particularly considering the price. Printing the parts went well, and EMT is both inexpensive and easy to get. I obtained the other parts from Ryan at v1engineering in order to avoid the hassle of sourcing all the different parts.

Within its limits, this is a great machine for someone who enjoys DIY projects. While the design is well thought out, it is the kind of project that will require some attention to detail and careful execution. Still I found it less frustrating than my recent experience putting together some desks from Ikea.

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I’ve also created a page for sharing SVG Files.