Variable Speed Treadmill Motor Electrical Conversion

I made this video to show how I salvaged the motor and speed control from a used treadmill. With a small modification, I was able to simplify the electronics for later use as a variable speed conversion for a fixed speed motor power tool.

I removed the bulky control interface and replaced it with a 10K ohm potentiometer (#ad). (I chose a wire wound potentiometer, but a regular carbon film potentiometer (#ad) would work just fine.)

I also show how you can reverse the direction of the motor and also stop and start the motor without having to constantly adjust the potentiometer.

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  1. Iwan Sarifudin

    Dear Barry

    Can you share to me the circuit ?

  2. Danny

    I watched your video on treadmill and have a ? ///// I have treadmill that looks like yours. Mine don’t have 3 wires connection for potentiometer. It has 8 wires. Which wires should I try?
    Can send pic. Thank Danny
    Calabash NC

  3. Miguel

    Hello Barry I have a treadmill ware can I buy that potenciometer

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