Fixing a Slipping Tailstock on a Mini-Lathe

This video addresses a problem that affects many variants of this common woodturning mini-lathe. The problem is that the tailstock slips as you try to tighten the workpiece between centers. I diagnose the problem and fabricate a new lock plate to better hold the tailstock.

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  1. Carey Holman

    I watched on You Tube, and I really, REALLY need to do this to my lathe — both tail stock and banjo. In the comments on You Tube, someone asked if you ever sell these things. Did you ever give that any thought?

    1. Barry

      I just got my metal lathe working. It would be much better to make the part on the lathe than the method that I showed on the video. I plan to pick up some metal stock to make some parts and I’ll place them for sale on this website.

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